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Building the Future
There is an increased importance placed on all manufacturers to implement more environmentally friendly processes. The green movement is gaining momentum and green products are in higher demand than ever before. More manufacturers are adopting green building practices in order to offer customers the products that they want and take advantage of this growing demand.
Green manufacturers are essential to the continued movement of developing green buildings, homes and communities. The development of green products is necessary to not only the construction and design of these buildings and homes, but also to the way that they are operated.
Green manufacturers are responsible for developing the products needed to:
  • Reduce the energy necessary for constructing and operating the building
  • Increase water efficiency
  • Provide new environmentally friendly materials for construction
Manufacturers that focus on producing environmentally friendly materials show a strong dedication to sustainability. These companies should also take the initiative of becoming a member of a recognized green building council in Canada. This will help to further demonstrate this commitment to clients, shareholders and employees. Getting listed in the Canada Builds Green Directory will also help to improve business and networking. If you take advantage of membership you'll find that showcasing your green building products and gaining access to Canada's green builders can make a huge difference to your company's success.
Membership Has Its Benefits
The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is the most recognizable authority in green building in the nation. This council is dedicated to:
  • Modifying industry standards to be more eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Continuously developing industry best practices and extensive guidelines
  • Developing new educational tools that support council members involved in designing and implementing green construction practices
The CaGBC offers corporate memberships to companies who share a similar vision. There are many benefits that come with being a CaGBC corporate member including the ability to voice opinions and directly influence the way greener buildings and communities are implemented across Canada. The CaGBC relies heavily on member input and other industry experts when adapting new best practices and green building guides.
Other corporate benefits include:
  • Company exposure – free listing in the Canada Builds Green Directory which lists companies providing green products and services.
  • Credibility – exclusive use of the trusted CaGBC member logo can be used for promotional materials.
  • Savings – corporate savings on LEED certifications, project registrations, green education and materials and resources.
  • Access to the latest industry news and learning materials.
  • Potential leadership roles on the CaGBC board.
Exciting Networking Capabilities
The networking opportunities that come with being a member of CaGBC can be extremely beneficial for green manufacturers across Canada. The CaGBC has a huge network of members and industry experts that can be essential for smaller companies looking to build credibility and other companies interested in securing long-term success.
Being a member of the foremost green building organization in Canada will help to gain recognition for the green manufacturer and help reach potential clients across the nation and around the world.
With affordable corporate rates based on company size as well as the exceptional discounts available for certification and educational materials, it is easier than ever for green manufacturers to become corporate members of the CaGBC. Join the unique voices that advocate for green building practices and transform the future of sustainable construction in Canada. Discover the benefits of becoming a CaGBC member today.
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